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Lipstick on a Pig and the hope of humanity.

We all have our moments, good moments, bad moments, and just plan moments.  Don’t we all hope that we can become more than what we all are right now at this point?  I think we all can it’s imperative that we all do, but do we really value it?  Do we value it in others?  I hope we do, in fact it is my hope for humanity there become a hope of humanity.  Don’t get me wrong I didn’t say a hope in humanity I think that ship had sailed thousands of years ago, at least in my eyes.


I believe in Jesus, I know not everyone who will read this does and I know not all my friends do, and that is ok.  Mine has been a journey/process/transformation I didn’t always believe, and I know some of you would say you used to believe.  I hear the dispair in some people when they talk about the state of the world we live in, I begin to be affected by their dispair but not in the way they do.  I feel a deep sadness for them that the see God not as the hope of humanity but they feel at best we can put lipstick on a pig.  Our world is a dark place thousands died today all over the world and millions will live another day in oppression, sick, poor, hungry…


I pray to the God who cares… The God who at times we feel is absent but is so close our human eyes can’t see Him… The God who morns with those who morn…


I accept Christianity as a crutch, I can’t walk without… Crawling on my own is no longer my desire, instead I desire the hope of humanity.


“The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out You left me in the dark no dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight In the shadow of your heart I took the stars from my eyes and then I made a map and knew that somehow I could find my way back Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too So I stayed in the darkness with you.”

-Florence and the Machine

Cosmic Love

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